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Expert Automatic Gate Installation Services

Our services include the design, installation, and maintenance of a variety of gate styles, from sliding to swinging gates, tailored to meet your specific security and aesthetic needs. Equip your property with the latest in gate automation technology, featuring remote control access, vehicle recognition, and integrated security features, ensuring convenience and protection for your home or business. Embrace a smarter entryway with our professional automatic gate services.

Residential Automatic Gates Service

Advanced Automatic Gate Systems for Enhanced Security and Convenience

At Palm Beach Custom AV, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art automatic gate solutions designed to enhance both security and convenience for your property. Our range of services includes everything from robust sliding and swinging gate installations to innovative technologies like license plate recognition systems and touchless entry technology. Each solution is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality.

Our sliding gate installation offers sleek, space-efficient entryways ideal for properties with limited space, while our swinging gates provide a grand entrance, perfect for making a strong first impression. We equip these gates with wireless access control systems, allowing you to manage entry permissions from anywhere, at any time, ensuring your property remains secure while maintaining flexibility for residents and visitors.

For those looking to enhance their property’s security further, our vehicle detection systems and license plate recognition technology offer an added layer of security, automatically identifying and granting access to registered vehicles, while keeping unauthorized ones at bay. In case of emergencies, our emergency access solutions ensure that entry and exit can be managed quickly and efficiently, without compromising security.

Additionally, our systems come with intercom system integration and remote monitoring and control, providing you with the ability to communicate with visitors and monitor gate activity remotely. Weatherproofing enhancements ensure that our systems stand up to even the toughest conditions, while our custom gate lighting solutions not only improve visibility but also add an aesthetic appeal to your property.

By choosing Palm Beach Custom AV for your automatic gate needs, you are investing in reliability, security, and sophistication for your home or business.


Sliding Gate Installation

Enhance your property’s security and aesthetic with a professionally installed sliding gate. Our service offers space-efficient designs, seamless integration, and robust access control for superior protection and convenience.


Swinging Gate Installation

Install a swinging gate to add elegance and security to your property. Our service provides robust installations with customizable access features, ensuring a grand entrance that combines aesthetic appeal with advanced safety.

Advanced Access Solutions for Automated Gates

Upgrade Your Property’s Security with Wireless, Intercom, and Remote Monitoring Services

Wireless Access Control Systems

Upgrade your property’s security with our Wireless Access Control Systems for automatic gates. These systems offer:

  • Remote access via smartphones or computers.
  • Real-time alerts and updates on gate activity.
  • Easy integration with existing security systems.
  • Customizable access permissions for different users.

Enjoy enhanced convenience and security without the need for complex wiring or extensive renovations. Perfect for residential and commercial properties looking to control access efficiently and securely.


Intercom System Integration

Elevate your gate security with our Intercom System Integration service for automatic gates. Key features include:

  • Two-way audio communication to verify visitor identity.
  • Video capabilities for added security.
  • Seamless integration with your existing gate system.
  • Remote operation from inside your home or via smartphone.

This service enhances safety and convenience, allowing you to manage gate access with clarity and ease, ensuring only authorized entry to your property. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings.


Remote Monitoring and Control

Take control of your property’s security with our Remote Monitoring and Control service for automatic gates. Experience unparalleled convenience and safety with features such as:

  • Live video streaming of gate activity.
  • Remote gate operation from anywhere via mobile app.
  • Instant alerts on gate access events.
  • Scheduled gate opening/closing for added convenience.

Ideal for managing access to your home or business remotely, ensuring security and control at your fingertips, whether you’re on-site or away.


License Plate Recognition Systems

Upgrade your gate security effortlessly with License Plate Recognition Systems. Enjoy automated vehicle identification, swift access for registered vehicles, and heightened monitoring for enhanced security, ensuring seamless property access.


Touchless Entry Technology


Touchless entry technology revolutionizes gate systems, employing sensors or RFID for hands-free access. These gates detect approaching individuals, opening without physical contact. Ideal for enhancing security and minimizing germ transmission in diverse settings like offices, malls, or residential complexes, this innovation epitomizes convenience and safety.

Vehicle Detection Systems

  • Vehicle detection systems in automatic gates utilize sensors or cameras to identify approaching vehicles.
  • These systems can differentiate between vehicles and pedestrians, ensuring smooth operation and enhanced safety.
  • Advanced algorithms analyze vehicle size, speed, and direction to optimize gate performance.
  • Vehicle detection technology minimizes the risk of accidents by preventing gates from closing on vehicles.
  • It enhances security by providing accurate data on vehicle movements, aiding in surveillance and access control.
  • Integration with access control systems allows for seamless management of vehicle entry and exit.
  • These systems offer versatility, suitable for various environments such as parking lots, residential areas, and commercial premises.
  • Overall, vehicle detection systems in automatic gates streamline traffic flow and improve overall operational efficiency.

Emergency Access Solutions

  • Automatic gates can incorporate emergency access solutions such as manual override mechanisms or keypads.
  • Manual override mechanisms allow for quick manual operation in case of power outages or system failures.
  • Keypads provide a secondary access method for authorized personnel during emergencies.
  • Some systems feature emergency release buttons or switches for immediate gate opening.
  • Integration with emergency services allows for remote access in critical situations.
  • Backup power options like batteries or generators ensure continuous operation during emergencies.
  • Clear signage and training ensure that users are aware of emergency access procedures.
  • Overall, these solutions enhance safety and ensure reliable access during unforeseen circumstances.

Custom Gate Lighting Solutions

Illuminate your entry with brilliance! Our Custom Gate Lighting Solutions seamlessly integrate with automatic gates, enhancing security and aesthetics. Tailored to your preferences, these lights offer ambiance and visibility, ensuring safety and style in every entrance.

Integrated Gate Alarm Systems

Securing Entrances: Enhancing Safety with Integrated Gate Alarm Systems


Entrance Security

Fortify Your Perimeter: The Power of Integrated Gate Alarm Systems

Experience peace of mind with our Integrated Gate Alarm Systems. Seamlessly combining automation and security, we ensure your entrances are safeguarded, enhancing safety for your property and peace of mind for you.


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